Jiangxi Cement Crusher Road cold recycler

                Jiangxi News Client (Jiangxi Daily reporter Zou Haibin) On October 13, the reporter came to the construction site of the Jinrui section of the Yichun S223 reconstruction project, and saw a new type of concrete cement crusher crushing the old cement pavement in situ and simultaneously processing it. As the roadbed cushion material, after being compacted by a roller, the asphalt road cushion is directly formed. This is the first time that Yichun "white to black" has adopted cement pavement in-situ recycling technology.
                In recent years, Yichun has vigorously promoted the "white to black" project, rebuilding the original cement concrete pavement (gray white) into an asphalt concrete pavement (black) to achieve the effects of environmental protection, dust prevention, noise reduction and increased driving comfort. Provincial highway S223 ten thousand years later-Yuanzhou Jinrui second-class highway has been in disrepair for a long time, and the road surface is seriously damaged, which affects the travel of people along the line. According to the original "white to black" construction process, after the cement pavement is completely excavated and transported away with an excavator, the gravel is re-purchased as the subgrade cushion, which not only has high production costs and long construction time, but also brings dust pollution , Affect the mass travel.
                On September 20, the sub-bureau directly under the Yichun Highway Administration Bureau adopted the cement pavement in-situ regeneration technology for the first time in the S223 reconstruction project. This is a new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly process. After crushing the old cement pavement in situ, it is simultaneously processed into an asphalt subgrade cushion, which not only effectively saves production costs and construction time, but also realizes both road construction and mass travel. .
                It is reported that the total length of the construction section of the Yichun S223 reconstruction project (Houcha to Jinrui section) is 14.68 kilometers. According to the traditional construction method, the crushed stone per kilometer is about 1,200 cubic meters. Excavating old roads, transportation of waste materials, procurement and transportation of gravel, the cost of the cushion gravel alone can save nearly 1.5 million yuan; the construction period will also be shortened from 4 months to 2 months. The travel of people along the line will not be affected.
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