Cold recycler Energy saving and environmental protection in

                Recently, a new cement pavement crusher "appeared" at the construction site of the Jinrui section of the S223 million-year Houcha-Yuanzhou Jinrui second-level highway reconstruction project. The equipment crushes the old cement pavement in situ and simultaneously processes it into an asphalt pavement cushion. The material, after being compacted by a roller, directly forms an asphalt road cushion, which greatly saves production costs and time for the road "white to black" construction.
                      Project leader Zhang Xiangren introduced that this technology is an in-situ recycling technology for cement pavement, an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new technology, and it is the first time it has been adopted in Yichun. According to the original "white to black" construction process, after the cement pavement was completely excavated and transported away with an excavator, the gravel was repurchased as the subgrade cushion, which resulted in high production costs, long construction time, and a certain amount of dust pollution. After adopting this new technology of on-site recycling of cement pavement, it not only effectively saves production cost and time, but also realizes green and low-carbon construction.
                       It is reported that through the introduction of the cement crusher technology, the S223 Zhutan-Jinrui section of the 14.68-kilometer-long S223 reconstruction project that is directly under the sub-bureau will require about 1,200 cubic meters of crushed stone per kilometer for the bedding layer, at 85 yuan per square meter. By calculation, it can save nearly 1.5 million yuan in production costs. At the same time, the construction period will be shortened from the original 4 months to 2 months.
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